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We make data easy to find, understand, and take action for school systems everywhere.


Mosaic, a multiple measures dashboard, provides a curated view of your district’s results in near real-time so that you can manage progress toward your most important goals.

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Your dashboards are powered by a secure Schoolzilla Data Warehouse that puts all your data in one place so you can spot trends and track growth quickly, easily, and delightfully.

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Faster, better answers for your most important questions

How should I group my students? Is there an easier way to complete the Civil Rights Data Collection? Are we on track to meet our district’s strategic goals? Is that new blended learning intervention we’re trying working? How many of my students showed dramatic reading growth this semester?

All your data in one place.

Yes, really, ALL your data.


We get schools

Schoolzilla was built in a school system with extensive educator and administrator input.

Mission driven

We are in education for the same reasons as you: we want to help students realize their full potential, and we won’t rest until our products are helping you deliver better results for students.

You can rely on us

Our experienced team is great to work with. Just ask our customers.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Schoolzilla as a partner in our district’s transformation. Their commitment to making sure we have the information necessary to make sustainable change for our kids is not only powerful but inspiring. Not every partner operates the way Schoolzilla does and I wish more would!

David Hardy, St Louis Public Schools
David Hardy, St Louis Public SchoolsDeputy Superintendent of Academics

There are so many things going on. Schoolzilla made things very easy to see. Once it’s easy to see, it’s easy to know, and do something about it.

Richard Bowman, Santa Fe Public Schools
Richard Bowman, Santa Fe Public SchoolsChief Information and Strategy Officer

We initially purchased Schoolzilla as a sustainable solution for visualizing our data and quickly realized it is so much more…

In a world overwhelmed with data, Schoolzilla provides a solution that drives our ability to make informed decisions. We are able to efficiently integrate information from many sources in ways that are understandable and usable for nearly every person in our organization. From secretaries, teachers, and administrators, Schoolzilla has become the one-stop shop where we access data in order to improve our district in measurable terms.

Dr. Jessica Beller, Montrose County School District
Dr. Jessica Beller, Montrose County School DistrictDirector of Instructional Services

Schoolzilla has enhanced our data work immeasurably. Our partnership with Schoolzilla has allowed us to provide real-time dashboards and analyses to our school leaders and staff. We used to build these reports by hand, using many different data sources. Now we have a centralized, live dashboarding platform.

Edmund Han, KIPP DC
Edmund Han, KIPP DCDirector of Data and Analytics