Case Study: Using Data to Drive St. Louis Public Schools’ Transformation Plan

2013–2014 — Challenge:SLPS quote2

St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) was working hard to regain their full accreditation, after showing enough progress to regain provisional accreditation the previous year. But, despite SLPS’ strong data culture, district leaders recognized that their data tools were insufficient to provide “the right data on the right timeline,” leading them to issue an RFP for a new data tool.

2014–2015 — Solution:

After considering seven vendors, the district selected Schoolzilla to build and power an integrated set of leading indicator and key outcome dashboards to enable district leaders to automatically monitor progress against the multiple measures within their district’s transformation plan.

2015–2016 — Result:

SLPS launched their new Schoolzilla dashboard system to their network of superintendents and pilot group of school leaders and teachers.

Looking forward to next year, SLPS remains relentlessly focused on using data to drive continuous improvement and is on track to achieve full accreditation by 2017.

2016-2017  — UPDATE:

SLPS regained full accreditation on January 10, 2017!

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Read the full case study, Using Data to Drive St. Louis Public Schools’ Transformation Plan, and learn more about how SLPS developed its Excellent Schools Transformation Tool (ESTT) dashboards to keep track of the district’s key performance indicators (KPIs) at the district, school, and student levels.


See below for a tour of St. Louis Public Schools’ ESTT Dashboards:

District Profile

Dashboard designed for superintendents and their leadership team.

  • Visualizes leading indicators to monitor progress toward SLPS’ goals outlined in their Transformation Plan.
  • Compares performance across schools, grade levels, and student subgroups to understand trends over time and invest in efforts that will drive the highest priority outcomes.

(Note: At Schoolzilla we take both data visualization and data privacy very seriously. For these reasons we are displaying real Schoolzilla reports with 100% fake data.)District Profile

School Profile

Dashboard designed for school leaders and principals.

  • Provides school leaders with actionable data from multiple sources all in one place.
  • Equips leaders with the data they need to implement timely intervention and deploy resources strategically to address areas of need.

(Note: At Schoolzilla we take both data visualization and data privacy very seriously. For these reasons we are displaying real Schoolzilla reports with 100% fake data.)School Profile

Student Profile

Dashboard designed for teachers.

  • Enables teachers to quickly understand the attendance, academic, and climate/culture trends of SLPS students.
  • Allows educators to strategically differentiate instruction and utilize appropriate interventions.

 (Note: At Schoolzilla we take both data visualization and data privacy very seriously. For these reasons we are displaying real Schoolzilla reports with 100% fake data.)Student Profile

Case Study: KIPP NYC’s Comprehensive Data View

KIPP NYC’s regional data team was consistently hearing requests from its teachers and school leaders for an easier way to view student level data across multiple metrics. School teams wanted a more efficient and effective way to get a complete picture of individual students and conduct analyses of data from different sources.

This case study explores how KIPP NYC created a comprehensive student data file to provide their educators with the timely, complete data they need. It also explains how the data team replaced a process that took two weeks with a process that now takes ten minutes.

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Case Study: Schoolzilla & Panhandle Elementary School

Panhandle Elementary School is considered a rural school by the state of Texas, and roughly a third of its 320 students are classified as economically disadvantaged. The school is also one of the highest-achieving elementary schools in Texas.

Panhandle’s principal, Doug Rawlins, began his career as a football coach before teaching middle- and high-school science. Rawlins soon gained attention for his ability to boost the academic achievement of students from low-income families. While serving in Dumas Independent School District, Rawlins’s superintendent offered to pay for Rawlins’s master’s degree so that he could become a principal. Rawlins took over at Panhandle Elementary School in 2012. We spoke with Rawlins to learn how he used Schoolzilla’s data platform to find critical insights that helped his staff boost the achievement of all students at his school.

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Case Study: How Aspire Improved Retention and Student Success with Schoolzilla

In 1999, Aspire opened its first school in Modesto, CA. Fifteen years later, Aspire Public Schools is one the nation’s highest-performing school systems serving primarily low-income students, and currently serves more than 13,000 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade in California and Tennessee. For the last four years, 100% of Aspire graduates have earned admission to a 4-year college. We spoke with Amy Fowler, Aspire’s Director of Secondary Education and Student Programs, to learn how the Aspire team used Schoolzilla to increase student retention and graduation rates.

The Problem: Student Attrition

“Aspire is focused on giving its students the best educational opportunities that they can,” Amy Fowler shared. “We really do believe that all kids can achieve this goal: we want 100% of our graduates to go to college. And, we simultaneously want 100% of our 9th graders to make it to 12th grade with us, not with someone else.” Because of this focus, Aspire was especially concerned about students who were choosing to leave.

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Partner Spotlight: How Rocketship Education Used Schoolzilla to Get the Most Out of Their Benchmark and Formative Assessment Data

Rocketship Education is a network of K-5 charter schools serving about 6,000 students in California, Wisconsin, and Tennessee (new!). Approximately 90% of Rocketship students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches. Rocketship has earned national recognition for creating and scaling their innovative school model, which has consistently empowered students from low-income families to realize high levels of academic achievement.

Schoolzilla began partnering with Rocketship in 2013. Since then, we’ve developed a collaborative relationship with the members of Rocketship’s staff who are responsible for empowering teachers with the data they need to fulfill Rocketship’s mission. This Partner Spotlight was written in collaboration with Jan Faraguna, Rocketship’s Director of Analytics, to learn how she and her team have used Schoolzilla to solve real problems for their teachers.

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Partner Spotlight: KIPP Nashville


Our community of customers inspires and empowers us – and is instrumental in developing the tools, reports and best practices we offer to schools nationwide. So we’ve decided to start sharing their stories with the “Partner Spotlight” series; to highlight what’s hard, what works, and how data-driven educators strive to make better, faster decisions to help all their students succeed.

Our first story features Data Champion Jay Whalen, who leads the Schoolzilla implementation at KIPP Nashville. Read on to see how Jay saves his school leaders and teachers time, and empowers them to regularly analyze (and act on!) critical data.

“Now we’re a lot more proactive in using data to shape decisions, develop people, and drive results.”

– Jay Whalen, Data Analyst at KIPP Nashville

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Spotlight on Aspire: How data champions used data to build a robust teacher effectiveness dashboard


As we expand into our role as an independent, mission-driven organization serving schools nationwide, we are keen to continue the collaboration with our users, and to celebrate your hard work. From time to time, we’ll shine the spotlight on data champions who are thinking innovatively and helping to drive improvement in teacher effectiveness and student achievement via useful and timely data analytics.

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