Schoolzilla welcomes St. Louis Public Schools!

SLPS black and whiteIn September 2015, Schoolzilla was honored to welcome St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) into our customer community.  We’ll be working with SLPS to implement a “one-stop-shop” KPI dashboard aligned to the district’s Transformation Plan.

By combining data from dozens of disparate sources into a live, flexible dashboard, Schoolzilla will enable SLPS to monitor its most critical inputs and outputs, celebrate and expand on successes, and quickly identify and address challenges on the road to ensuring a world-class education for all of its 25,000 students.

Under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams, SLPS is undergoing a period of historic change.

The district’s comprehensive Transformation Plan— which includes a move to a portfolio management model, as well as S.M.A.R.T goals for everything from day-to-day operations to student reading growth to staff support and retention– creates a direct alignment between district level work and individual student outcomes, focusing efforts across the district on the most strategic levers for improvement.

In order to align, monitor, and support administrators’ and educators’ work to put the Transformation Plan into action, SLPS knew they needed an easy-to-use, centralized dashboard.

SLPS mockup

They call this dashboard the “Excellent Schools Transformation Tool”, or ESTT:

“The ESTT is designed to give us live data throughout the school year to monitor progress and course correct with more conviction and specificity. This tool will be used to analyze the effectiveness of our district offices and ultimately the performance of our schools—holding us all equally responsible for providing a world-class school choice for our students.”

After a competitive RFP process, St. Louis Public Schools selected Schoolzilla, PBC as the partner to develop and maintain the ESTT. We couldn’t be more excited, or honored, to serve SLPS, their staff, students, and community.

Deputy Superintendent of Academics David Hardy said of the partnership: “We are absolutely thrilled to have Schoolzilla as a partner in our district’s transformation.  Their commitment to making sure we have the information necessary to make sustainable change for our kids is not only powerful but inspiring.  Not every partner operates the way Schoolzilla does and I wish more would!”

To test drive dashboards inspired by our partnership with St. Louis Public Schools, sign up for access to our dashboard library, and check out the “District Profile” reports.