Schoolzilla and State Compliance Reporting

Data Champions spend countless hours fulfilling compliance-related requests, which leaves little time for the analyses that will help students succeed.

Schoolzilla helps districts automate compliance reporting, so their Data Champions can spend more time on work that will directly impact students and teachers. See a few examples below, or contact us to tell us how we can help.

It’s not always easy to explain exactly what we do at Schoolzilla – and that’s because, well, we do a lot. We empower our partner districts to dramatically improve data quality, to centralize all actionable information in one place, and to deliver timely insights to teachers and administrators through educator-created dashboards. We also make capturing “little data” easier with apps like our reading assessment data capture tool or with the automated generation of customized report cards. (Not to mention data culture support, K-12 data and Tableau training, and the list goes on…)

And we’re honored to be doing a lot because people who work in schools deserve a lot. A typical district is dealing with millions of data points in a dozen or more disparate systems – and the Data Champions in those districts work really hard to try to make sense of it all in a way that helps educators do a better job for kids.

But what really grinds our gears is when the same Data Champions who are attempting these herculean, critically important feats have to spend all their time fulfilling compliance requests from the state, the county, funders, etc. We know that the requests have to be fulfilled to keep the lights on, but Data Champions can do so much more than just keep the lights on. They can harness their skills and knowledge of a districts’ myriad data to gain and share new insights and to support leaders and teachers in leveraging data to help all students succeed.

Check out these examples of how Schoolzilla can help reduce time spent on compliance reporting:

California: LCAP 
(Local Control Accountability Plan)


Effectively monitor, improve, and report key metrics associated with achievement, engagement, A-G completion, and much more – especially in relation to low-income students, English language learners, and youth in foster care.

How Schoolzilla helps:

By pulling all achievement and operational data into one place, Schoolzilla delivers dashboards to educators to monitor and improve the things that matter most under LCAP and saves Data Champions time spent completing annual reporting to the state.
Sample Customer: Berryessa Unified School District

Illinois: P-20

Requirements: Annually submit specific data, including…

* Student discipline records
* Number of core courses offered and number of students who took them
* Attendance data
* Student grades data (“Freshman on Track”)
* AP and IB data
* Students ineligible to play sports during the school year

How Schoolzilla helps:

By connecting and disaggregating data from the SIS, behavior/ culture software, standardized tests, and more and by allowing Data Champions to customize automated exports from the data warehouse to fit the templates required by the state, Schoolzilla simplifies the reporting process and saves Data Champions time.

We love speaking with Data Champions like you. Feel free to contact us. You can also request invite-only access to our K-12 dashboards demo site here.