Product Spotlight: Chronic Absence Dashboards

“Across all grades, students who missed more than 4 days at the beginning of the school year were over 16 times as likely to be chronically absent than students who were absent fewer than 2 days.” (Olson, 2014)

“Nationally, children from families with low socioeconomic status with strong attendance gained more literacy skills than peers from families with higher socioeconomic status.” (Ready, 2010)


While working with a school in CA, we heard a need from principals to better track chronically absent students. Therefore, we created the Chronic Absence Dashboards as a tool for school leaders to dive even deeper into their attendance data to visualize which students are most chronically absent and at-risk, carefully assess their interventions, and take action in contacting parents.

 “[Schoolzilla] recently gave me the world’s best custom chronic absence report and my principal loves it. The report inspired the idea of specifically tracking consecutive absences.

Case study how we improved absence records

What problem was the district trying to solve with their Chronic Absence Dashboards?

  • A better way to track student absences: Principals wanted to better understand which students were missing school, how many days they were missing, and whether there was a pattern to their absences.
  • An easier way to analyze chronic absence data, connect with parents, and see if their interventions are working: Principals were noticing an increase in the number of students who are absent from class, but were having trouble assessing: who the students were, how many days they were missing, and whether they were missing the same day every week or month.
  • A more concrete way for school leaders to share information: Principals needed a way to visualize chronic student absences so they could inform their superintendent about which students were at the greatest risk and present their plan of action to correct the problem.

Standout Features:

View students* by attendance rate: View count and list of students who were absent within the last month, and which students were absent X (e.g. 2, 4, 10) or more days within the past two months, etc. 

Chronic Absence Report
View attendance by day: The calendar view shows if there is consistency in student absences. Are students missing the same day every week or month, or the days before a holiday and/or weekend?Attendance by Day
View Recent Attendance: From the “Recent Attendance” column, principals can see if the interventions they’ve implemented are working. Has chronic absence status decreased since they intervened? Or do they need to take further action?

Student by Attendance Rate

Contact Students’ Parent/Guardian: After analyzing the dashboards principals can immediately intervene with their chronically absent students by sending a letter home, phoning students’ parent/guardian, or scheduling an in-person meeting. By clicking on the students’ names, principals can see all of their contact information including parents’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Student Contact Info

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* Please note, information presented is not reflective of actual student data.

Additional Dashboards to See How Chronic Absence is Affecting Your Schools

Schoolzilla’s dashboards offer many different views of chronic absence data, enabling you to dig even deeper to see the root causes of absences and create more effective interventions. Click here to sign up for more information.