Flip Your Thinking About Assessments

3571102858_2e511c605f_oWhat can you learn from a test before seeing your results? That’s the question that ANet founder John Maycock challenges educators to think about in this recent post. Don’t get us wrong, as a data company, we believe in the power of measurable outcomes. But it’s important for all of us to remember that the purpose of tests isn’t to produce test scores, it’s to validate the difficult and nuanced work of teachers and students prior to the test.

Toward that end, Maycock suggests that teachers take the same assessments that they administer to their students—not to measure their outcomes, but to more intimately understand what the assessments are actually testing. By doing so, teachers may be able to advance their own understanding of certain standards and make better instructional decisions for their students.
Read on to learn what else you can do to “flip” your thinking about assessments.