Edtech Trends: Seeing K-12 Education Through a Different Lens


For the past year, EdSurge has been researching key trends that are driving the K-12 edtech market through the lenses of its community of educators, administrators, entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers. Schoolzilla is excited to have our CEO, Lynzi Ziegenhagen, featured as one of the subject matter experts spotlighting the importance of teaching social emotional learning to prepare students with the life skills needed to succeed in college and careerLynzi comments, “social-emotional measures are becoming more widespread and are even starting to be used in actual accountability measures.” 

Today in the first chapter of The State of Edtech, EdSurge has identified their top eight trends: infrastructure, learning models, computer science, student assessments, data privacy, professional development, edtech business models.

This project aims to let you try on different lenses in looking at K-12 education in the US. We will give you perspectives from different stakeholders on the trends and forces shaping how money is invested, how tools are created and how schools are designing teaching and learning experiences.” (The State of EdTech, 2016).

Learn more about K-12 edtech trends identified by EdSurge here.