Dig Into Performance Distribution with Mosaic’s Latest Feature, Metric Zoom

Mosaic’s latest feature, Metric Zoom, lets district and school leaders quickly discover patterns about how many students are exceeding, meeting or below expectations. With Mosaic’s Metric Zoom functionality, you can dive in to understand systemic trends and performance distribution patterns for key metrics, answering questions such as:

  • How has performance changed over time?
  • Has distribution of at-risk students improved since we started working on this problem?
  • How does this vary within a specific demographic group, grade level or school?

Put another way, once you’ve identified an overarching issue, Metric Zoom lets you further triage root cause in order to target your interventions and resources. Hear how one of our district partners, Newberg Public Schools, paused to dig deep into their chronic absence data, what they discovered, and what steps they took to address chronic absenteeism.