Our Commitment to Information Security

We are committed to information security and privacy—and we are constantly strengthening our best-practice based security systems and protocols to better serve the schools, teachers, and students who rely on us to get the information they need to enable all students to succeed.

As our customers already know, recently Schoolzilla uncovered and resolved a security issue. A well-known computer security researcher was doing a targeted analysis of Schoolzilla when he uncovered a file configuration error. As soon as we learned of it, we immediately fixed the error and confirmed no one accessed any information, other than the researcher. We are grateful that the researcher informed us quickly, so we were able to fix it quickly. Once resolved, we spent the next two days calling each of our customers personally and explaining the technical safeguards that will prevent this from happening again.

As part of our ongoing commitment to increase awareness of the importance of preventing and preparing for security incidents, now we have created a forum on Schoolzilla’s Data Champion Hub for lessons learned, best practices, and advice from experts. To start, we’ll enable that conversation among our customers. If you are not a current customer and would like to participate, please email us at security@schoolzilla.com. If there is enough interest, we’ll explore ways to expand and continue the discussion, so that many more people can benefit from the shared experiences.

You can also read more about our approach to information security here.