Big Wins in the Little Things: Data Improvements for Key District Operations Webinar

Are you looking for ways to use data to identify key problems with simple solutions? Do you need examples for building tools and processes to address those problems and measure impact?

In our last webinar, Adam Kishel, senior data analyst at Lawrence Public Schools—a 14,000 student district in MA that’s been widely hailed as a turnaround success—and Vlad Gutkovich, district partnerships lead at Schoolzilla, shared how to achieve big data wins in small steps.

Three effective dashboards for Chronic Absence Reporting

For a more in-depth look at Adam’s dashboards, please watch the full webinar recording below.

  1. Chronic Absence Status: School Comparison Dashboard—Used by Lawrence Public School’s district-level attendance officer, this dashboard shows students who are chronically absent—identifying who they are and showing where they’re located on a map. After reviewing the dashboard, the attendance officer can determine which areas of the city have the highest chronically absent students and plan which areas to visit.
  2. Section Enrollment Dashboard: With its highly mobile student population, Lawrence Public Schools needed a way to efficiently place students in the right schools while ensuring that the schools and classrooms had the capacity to accept the students. This dashboard enables the enrollment officer to quickly see if there is space in any of the sections, who the students are who are currently enrolled in each section, and where the students in each section are located geographically on the map.
  3. School Zone Dashboard: During summer placement, Lawrence Public Schools found that some schools were accepting more students and becoming overcrowded. This dashboard helps place students in the correct zone before the start of the school year by showing which students (based on their addresses) will be attending which school. It also displays alternate schools so the enrollment officer can see if there’s another school that is closer.

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