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Case Study: Using Mosaic to Track and Reduce Chronic Absence at Novato Unified School District

Meet Stefanie: Stefanie Parnell is the assistant principal at Hamilton Meadow Park School in the Novato Unified School District, which sits just thirty minutes north of San Francisco. Recently, Parnell has been using data to better understand chronic absence trends at her school and improve student attendance. Data and Attendance at her District: NUSD has […]

10 Questions to Ask Before You Build a Report for Your Schools

When building a report, it’s easy to get lost in your own exploration. But ideally, reports will be used in classrooms, main offices, parent-teacher conferences, and the central office—not just your desk. Make sure your report informs the decisions being made for students by asking the right questions up front. Who will be using it? […]

Data Visualizations that Enable Discovery in Schools

Viewers usually come to data visualizations with a question. Good visualizations answer that question. Great ones answer that question in a way that sparks more questions. The best visualizations answer the question, spark more questions, and answer those too. Dan Murray, Director of Strategic Innovation at Interworks and Tableau “Zen Master”, is an expert at […]