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Supporting Teacher Data Literacy Week 2020

The Data Quality Campaign kicked off Teacher Data Literacy Week 2020, an annual conversation about the power of data to inform instruction.  In an effort to help district administrators promote positive data practices to build a strong data culture within their schools, we’re sharing a few helpful tips on data literacy basics.

Back-to-School Data Wins: Tip #4 Empathy from Day One

Trust is only part of helping your coworkers develop a positive relationship with data. After all, as an assistant principal in Oregon once told us, “data is always emotional and personal because district and school staff’s dedication to students is emotional and personal”. It’s crucial to anticipate when other feelings may arise and how to react supportively. 

Back-to-School Data Wins: Tip #3 Demonstrate You’re on Their Side

Many educators and school system staff have an uneasy relationship with data. Maybe it’s been used to penalize or judge them in the past. Perhaps it’s intimidating. Or it may simply feel disconnected from the other work they do on a daily basis. Whatever the case may be, assume that some of your colleagues don’t feel as comfortable with data as you do. And, until they trust the data you give them itself, show them that they can trust you. 

Back-to-School Data Wins: Tip #1 Clean Slate with Clean Data

Back-to-school is a great time to start the year off on the right foot when it comes to data. Why? You’re welcoming new students who will learn new things in new classrooms with new teachers. What’s more, your staff is also thinking about this year as turning over a new leaf. They must learn to effectively support many new students as soon as possible.

Encourage Students to Dream

I heard a very inspiring keynote today at the New York DATAG Summer Conference. Dr. John Hodge of the Urban Learning and Leadership Center in Virginia spoke about how important a caring adult can be to student success.

How Do You Address Undermatching?

We love hearing stories about customers going above and beyond to help their students succeed.  A recent article from Chalkbeat features Achievement First, a network of public charter schools, and how they are looking to use scholarships as a way to address the problem of undermatching.  

We are a #ForceForGood!

We are honored to be named one of the inaugural RealLeaders’ Top 100 Impact Companies!  RealLeaders, in collaboration with Big Path Capital and B Lab, selected finalists based on companies that have shown actual economic growth by including the greater good in their mission and business strategies.