Announcing Student Groups for Data-Driven Intervention

We’re excited to announce Student Intervention Groups! We designed this feature to help your teams take the next step when making decisions with data each day. As school leaders, teachers and student support teams drive toward their most important goals with Mosaic District Progress Monitoring, they can take immediate action to:

Identify students in need of intervention within two clicks.

  • Customize based on multiple metrics to get a list of students who need help.
  • Catch struggling students who slide off track based on Mosaic’s recommendations.
  • Add or remove students when the data doesn’t tell the whole story.

Monitor student progress and react in real-time.

  • Celebrate students who respond to your interventions.
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement for those who aren’t yet.

Synchronize teams by sharing intervention groups.

  • Keep meetings student-centric with a shared list at everyone’s fingertips. (No data-wrangling required!)
  • Streamlined sharing and automatic refreshes save everyone time.

Want to learn more about how Mosaic can support your student intervention work? Click here to see it in action during a demo!