Clarifying our Commitments

We are proud to be one of the early signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge, joining back in 2015. We are in full agreement with the spirit and the letter of the Pledge and its goal of promoting the “safe and effective use of student information for student, teacher, and school success.”

In February, we updated our Terms of Service based on a recommendation from the Future of Privacy Forum, one of the creators of the Pledge.  Our day-to-day practices at Schoolzilla have always been in compliance with the commitments, and being a signatory of the Pledge has not changed that. What being a signatory has done is improve how we communicate our practices with our customers and how we articulate those practices in our legally binding terms. To list just a few examples of the steps we’ve taken:

  1. Added an “in plain English” version of our Terms to encourage more people to read and understand them.
  2. Modified our website so that when we make changes to our Terms, each user is proactively notified of the changes as soon as they log in and are asked to accept the new terms.
  3. Committed to transparency in our Terms by storing every change to our terms of service online for all to review.
  4. Clarified that even if we someday join forces with another company, that company would have to have data privacy standards at least as stringent as our own or they wouldn’t be able to access PII.

In the next few weeks, you’ll see another clarification from us in our terms: we do not sell student personal information and we do not create or keep student profiles for non-educational purposes. While these commitments are clear in the legalese, we want to be 100% sure they are clear to anyone who reads our terms.