Congratulations To Our First Cohort Of Grant Recipients!

This week, Schoolzilla notified the school systems who are receiving awards in the first round of the Mosaic District Progress Monitoring Grant Program.   We made awards to 27 school systems serving 235,000 students in 11 states.  Recipients included San Francisco Unified School District, Bakersfield City School District, Hemet Unified School District, Battle Creek Public Schools, New London Public Schools, Inglewood Unified School District and the South Carolina Public Charter School District.

The final round deadline for the grant program is June 1, 2017.  Download the application here.

The grant awards were made to districts who are working towards:

  • Making data more understandable & accessible for staff
  • Setting goals for equitable outcomes on multiple measures, such as chronic absence, normed benchmark assessments, suspensions, or college readiness
  • Using data to foster continuous improvement during the year, through the regular monitoring of real-time, leading indicators

The grant recipients documented inspiring visions for empowering school staff to use data to run great schools in their applications, including:

“We want schools to use data to inform their own goal setting, curriculum choices, and student interventions; at the district level, we want to use data to look at the system as a whole and easily assess performance across schools, identify best practices to share with schools that are lagging, and to capture information about those schools in need of additional supports.”

“We’d like to see our weekly/monthly/quarterly PD sessions driven by data that all staff have quick access to, and have folks engaged in ensuring equity and access for all students. On a larger scale, we’d also like to have big picture conversations about how our students do beyond graduation, our role within it, and what impact we have had and would like to have on the lives of our students.”

“We are actively pursuing closing inequitable gaps in our system. Clear data — and intentional, regular, data-driven conversation and PLC work — helps expose those gaps and helps us to move our system toward more equitable outcomes.”

We are thrilled and honored to be able to support these districts in achieving their visions, and look forward to the opportunity to expand the program to more school systems in the final round.  Congratulations to all!