To and Through College

We at Schoolzilla love This American Life (TAL), especially their education coverage.  The recent episode “Three Miles” is a great example. It tells the story of three kids from a school in a poor NYC neighborhood who were part of a program that took them to visit a very fancy private school nearby. The three students the story focuses on are all amazing people – incredibly bright and thoughtful. If anyone could make it, if anyone could graduate from college, you’d think these three could. And yet, at the end of the story, only one of them has.

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Schoolzilla, Inc. is Now Schoolzilla, PBC!

We are proud to share that Schoolzilla is now officially a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). A PBC is a relatively new type of corporation that supports and protects companies striving to make a social impact.

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Data Wall: Your Very Own Visual, Customized Report Library

We are creating an easier way for you to find, sort, and favorite the reports you find most useful. The demo version of this powerful Data Wall is now live!

Demo Data Wall offers a sneak peek at the latest and greatest best practice reports on K-12 data. Get access now to see how some of the nation’s most progressive schools are leveraging their data to help their students.

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Data Champion Summit 2015 Earns High Marks from Attendees

Over 150 data champions, school and district leaders, and partners in education from across the country convened in Oakland last month for Schoolzilla’s inaugural Data Champion Summit.

Attendees shared best practices, learned new skills, and expanded their networks of data-driven educators, making the event a resounding success.

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Help Shape the Future of Schoolzilla

Sign up as a user tester! By signing up, you’ll get occasional emails about opportunities to provide feedback- usually through a 30-minute feedback session or a short survey. We offer a $20 gift card for participating in a feedback session as a sign of our appreciation.

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