Case Study: KIPP NYC’s Comprehensive Data View

KIPP NYC’s regional data team was consistently hearing requests from its teachers and school leaders for an easier way to view student level data across multiple metrics. School teams wanted a more efficient and effective way to get a complete picture of individual students and conduct analyses of data from different sources.

This case study explores how KIPP NYC created a comprehensive student data file to provide their educators with the timely, complete data they need. It also explains how the data team replaced a process that took two weeks with a process that now takes ten minutes.

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Five Hiring Practices to Build Your Data-Driven District Culture

 There is growing consensus that schools need so much more than annual standardized test scores to understand students and inform the teaching and learning processes. To holistically understand and help students, numerous classroom-level assessments that span different question types and delivery methods – along with behavior, attendance, intervention, and a host of other data points – require attention.

This increasing demand for thoughtful data use in schools drives the need to build out school-level and central office teams with data-friendly attitudes and data-savvy skills.

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Schoolzilla and State Compliance Reporting

Data Champions spend countless hours fulfilling compliance-related requests, which leaves little time for the analyses that will help students succeed.

Schoolzilla helps districts automate compliance reporting, so their Data Champions can spend more time on work that will directly impact students and teachers. See a few examples below, or contact us to tell us how we can help.

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2014 School-Driven Product Improvements

Valuable input from educators, administrators, and data analysts guided Schoolzilla development efforts throughout the year. As a result, schools saved hundreds of hours in manual spreadsheet work, and teachers and administrators got more timely, actionable insights to benefit students.

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